Dare to Live

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • “I am too good for this.”
  • “I feel stuck in this position.”
  • “I have no idea anymore what I do with my life”
  • “What happened with all my aspirations?”

We have great news for you! You are at the right place.
In our one day course Dare to Live you overcome all your fears and start working towards your greater life plan.

About us…
Bertil Schaart / Founder of Neem Ontslag! (“Quit your Day Job”)
Bertil Schaart is lifestyle entrepreneur and founder of the website neemontslag.nl. Here he demonstrates that there is no reason to wait any longer for a better life. Bertil walks the talk and speaks from his own experience. Besides entrepreneur, Bertil is also a public speaker, lifestyle business consultant and father.

Nathan Grozaj / P.E.A.T. expert
Nathan Grozaj is a spiritual technology practitioner and motivational speaker. He uses PEAT as a method of personal transformation and gaining deeper insights into oneself. By using our potential to be in harmony with ourselves and our spiritual life, our goals become clear and easier to achieve.

Dare to Live workshop

In this workshop Bertil will guide you through many insights (with many spiced up examples from his own experience) and motivate you to do the necessary steps in order to have what you are looking for. With practical and fun exercises to sharpen and reawaken you to follow your own goal whether you want to start your own restaurant, write a book, become a pilot and travel the world or start a Bed and Breakfast on the moon…

There is no limit to your wildest imagination. and if you have a dream…a burning aspiration… it is our motivation to kindle that fire in you and let it burn stronger.

Nathan is offering practical tools on how to overcome obstacles on the way like the challenges to face the unknown or fear of being discouraged and ridiculed by our surroundings. In a few short but very effective practical exercises he will demonstrate how to resolve these obstacles.

Bertil and Nathan together found a common language to approach the Dare to Live event from very different angles and therefore provide you with a rich and lasting support.

Live in the Here and Now
In this workshop you will discover your real values and desires. Your life purpose is the basis of your vision. You will create a bold plan for change in your life. Subsequently, you will overcome all fears that might block you in the implementation of your new future. You will come in harmony with yourself and life mission. We show you how!

YES! You can change your personality, your life and your destiny!

What is PEAT
In our lives, we see, perceive, and experience everything in opposites. It is always either/or, good or bad, destroying or creating, advancing or retreating, freedom or slavery, love or freedom, life or death, I or you… By transcending this dualistic consciousness, PEAT effectively solves any hard-core problem – and most importantly, your core, fundamental life problem. In this a few minutes! You have to experience this!!

The course consists of 5 modules that will guide you towards your Life’s Grand Master Plan:

In 1 day you will discover that your ideal life is indeed possible:

  • You (re)discover what drives you, what makes you tick and how unique you are
  • You get new insights in who you are
  • You discover your limitless possibilities
  • You understand where you are today and what stops you from taking the next steps
  • You make an challenging actionable plan towards achieving your new goals
  • You learn how to transform your fear into fuel
  • You learn how to stay focused and consistently deliver towards your master plan

Dare to Live workshop

This workshop was an amazing combination of helpful theory and effective practical exercises. No nonsense talks, straight to the point; enthusiastic and motivated speakers who also shared their personal experiences and doubts with us in a very friendly atmosphere. I just loved it!
Bertil and Nathan both have a very different approach, but somehow what they both have to offer fit together very well. Bertil has a bold and inspiring story to tell and his practical exercises help you to move beyond your own fixed thought patterns.
Nathan’s exercises are simple yet profound. They are designed to help you release the blockages from your past, to let go of the the fears and tensions that are holding you back.  I am looking back to a joyful day that increased my self confidence. I feel more empowered and have more trust in my abilities to shape my own future in a creative way.
The ‘Dare to Live’ workshop was most refreshing and invigorating.  It’s wonderful to wake up to the fact that we do not have to be bound to our limiting beliefs and expectations, but are – in reality – free to listen to our inner voice and – hopefully – to live up to our highest potential.In the relaxed, friendly atmosphere, it was really good to be reminded that anything and everything is possible, Bertil, and to be encouraged through hearing your own stories and experiences!
Nathan, the very subtle techniques you have come across to release our inner brakes will surely become life savers for all ot us striving to move through our blocks – and made me realise how much I need to focus on these areas. I found the ‘Dare to Live’ workshop reassuring, inspiring – and fun…
~ Jacky

What does it cost
To determine the price of this event, we use valuation afterwards. We are convinced that with this event, we have put together a life changing experience. Therefore, at the end of the day, you determine how much you value this workshop and this is the amount you pay to us. Yes, indeed, you tell us how much you want to pay for this. Very discretely and no questions asked. We will send you a personalised invoice for what you want to pay us. By doing the pricing of our workshops this way, we keep them special and accessible for everyone.

The only thing we ask you at this point is to reserve your seat (10 euro).

Event details
The event will take place on June 23, 2012 in the Fertile Ground Studio in Amsterdam.
The event starts at 10:00 am and ends at 17:00.
Lunch and beverages will be provided. The event will be in English.

Register now! For inquires, please email info [@] neemontslag.nl